6 Cafes In India That Champion A Great Cause

Want to spend some ‘me time’ or some time with family or friends? Nothing better than heading to cafes to have a good time. But cafes these days now offer you more than just those good happy times. There is something about each of these six cafes and restaurants that you must know. They are a must visit.

1. Garbage Cafe in Ambikapur, Chattisgarh

India’s first ‘Garbage cafe’ has recently opened. It is a unique case wherein the waste collected can get you food, Wow! Bring a kilo of trash and get a free meal or a substantial breakfast for 500 grams of it. All the plastic waste collected will be recycled and used to build stronger roads.

2. Mirchi and Mime in Mumbai, Maharashtra

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This trending dining restaurant is first of its kind in India where the food is exclusively served by speech and hearing impaired service staff. The restaurant has an easy-to-follow gesture glossary is attached to the menu. Visit for a heart-warming social experiment.

3. Sheroes Hangout in Agra, Uttar Pradesh

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She + Heroes = Sheroes! This cafe is more of a refuge and recovery place for India’s acid attack victims. The food here is served with utmost love and warmth by women who have fought to survive after receiving a debilitating blow to their appearance and self-esteem. Paintings and crafts by its employees are also sold here.

4. Pappadavada in Kochi, Kerala

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The restaurant has a fridge ‘Nanma Maram’ meaning Tree of Goodness, installed. Leave the excess food here for the poor and the homeless. Surprisingly, this unlocked and unsupervised fridge feeds more than a dozen needy people in a day.

5. Tihar Food Court, New Delhi

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Sounds weird! It started as a rehabilitation effort by Tihar Jail. The inmates who behave as good boys and girls during their prison years are the employees here. The restaurant is lined with wooden tables and the walls are beautifully adorned with paintings made by the prisoners.

6. Food-on-wall eateries in Malappuram, Kerala

It’s simple to participate. Make a payment for a meal or two, your call, at a restaurant of your choice in the municipality. A token will be generated out of it and hung on the restaurant wall. Require a meal? Just collect the token and eat from the restaurant, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.