Tired Of Men? This Island Is Girls Only, And It Needs To Be On Your Travel List

Didn’t we all daydream of escaping to the female-only island of Themyscira while watching Wonder Woman? Well, rejoice because that dream is a reality now. SuperShe Island off the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea is probably one of the most exclusive islands in the world.

Not exclusive because of the price tag for a week’s long stay, and not even because it’s tucked away in an archipelago. This private island is so exclusive because it excludes a good portion of the population: MEN. Yes, that’s right!

Brainchild of entrepreneur Kristina Roth, the SuperShe Island debuted last year as an oasis for women to surround themselves with female energy and take care of their minds, bodies and souls. The island gathers women from around the world to help each other live healthy, empowered lives.

Known for its evergreen trees and their healing properties, rocky coast, warm sea water and beautiful sunrises, the Finnish archipelago is an instant delight. So run away to this deserted island, breathe fresh air, swim naked in the sea, and sleep under the stars without actually worrying about too much testosterone.

However, before you get too excited, it’s worth knowing that it’s not possible to simply book a place and visit the island. Kristina Roth picks the visitors herself. Prior to your visit you’ll be subjected to vetting procedures which include an application form and even an interview with the founder over Skype. Indeed no good things come easy.


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