Bucket List Visits

9 Cafes You Can Escape To And Save Yourself From The Heat

There is something about the hills and mountains that continue to enthrall us. The silent lanes, the natural environment and the cool weather make us want to step away from the humdrum and monotony of life. But what fascinates us

10 Bucket List Festivals You Have To Attend

You and your friends sure do love to party, get ready to experience fun full throttle! These jamborees are the ultimate party experience. From your usual music festivals to something as bizarre as playing with mud! Every bucket-list needs these

7 Caves To Visit To Unleash The Adventurer In You

Hidden mysteries, unmatched adventure and nature’s best kept secrets, caves are undoubtedly one of the most magnificent creations. Like the depths of the ocean, caves leave you awestruck with splendour and myriad wonders of nature. These crevices and cavities created

Visit Pondicherry And Unwind Yourself Far Away From The Chaotic Life

The journey to Pondicherry is a lovely introduction to the Tamil countryside. A majority of travellers make the three-hour bus journey from Chennai to Pondicherry. The quaint, seaside destination can be best described as the perfect marriage of French and Tamil sensibilities.

6 Extravagant Escapes For You And Your Valentine

Looking for a unique Valentine’s Day escape? How about celebrating your love at one of the most romantic and extravagant hotels of the world? From plush beds and sybaritic spas to private dining and even more private pools, here are the

GTTravels: A Guide To The Sacred And Cosmopolitan Israel

Travel brings power and love back into your life- Rumi My trip to Israel did just that. It reinstated my love for travel and provided me with the feeling of empowerment which you get when you decide to indulge the