Bucket List Visits

7 Things Everyone Learns While Travelling Solo

Our lives have become digital, our friends virtual and everything we want to know is just a click away! Unfortunately, technology is killing our sense of wonder! We are experiencing the world through second hand information and that’s not enough!

7 Places In The World To Visit If You Love Flowers

And two of them are in India! Fields of flowers are almost too pretty to write about because how can you do justice to the fragrance, the colours, the textures are inexplicably unique. However writing about them does get you

6 Lighthouses In India That Need To Be On Your Bucket List

Ever imagined something that is both scary and beautiful?  Lighthouses are just that. They are mysterious, alluring, standing tall in their beauty, but far away at an intimidating stretch. Often used either in mythical stories or slasher movies, the quintessential