Bucket List Visits

Why You Can’t Die Before Seeing The Bushwick Collective

When Joe Ficalora thought of making the warehouse addled, home to grungy folks, and some hipsters,  Bushwick into a haven of street art and graffiti he wasn’t looking to be another Banksy. No, he just wanted to shape up his

Book A Trip To Morocco Only For This Reason

Colours are often subtexts or undertones to destinations and locations. They are the descriptive prefixes we give to beautiful structures or moods or climates. It is very rare that the colours are the anchors to creativity. One of the rare

5 Wildlife Sanctuaries In India You Need To Visit

Fennel Hudson once said, “Nature, in her untamed state, is savage and unrelenting”. Indeed it is true. While the Indians are mesmerized by the untamed life in Africa, Amazon forests, Costa Rica, and Borneo; many expert wildlife photographers and backwoods darlings

7 Indian Restaurants Across The World You Need To Visit

Indian cuisine is no longer a cuisine with an all-indigenous fan base. The raging global sensation that is our humble Indian cuisine always gives us a feeling of being our means to get a home away from home. Our beloved

7 Kinds of Trips You Need to Tick Off Your List

We all have a bucket list of the places we want to visit some time in life. Some of them are fancy destinations from India and abroad which are currently out of budget. Others are remote locations which nobody has

5 Celebrities That Are Giving Us Major Vacay Goals

It’s that time of the year when we have nearly exhausted all the long weekends and gazetted holidays. To top it off, our vacation plans still look hazy for the next few months as we just cannot figure when to

9 Indian Travel Photographers Giving Us Major Travel Goals

“I wish that all of nature’s magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed” This quote by Annie Leibovitz precisely sums up how we feel about photography. Photography lets us travel the world, meet

7 Travel Destinations Bollywood Made Famous

Bollywood has been our source of inspiration when it comes to international travel destinations with movies being shot at some of the most astonishing locations in the world. We have found a new passion for travelling and exploring new places

Jungles in the world

7 Forests Around The World To Bring Out The Junglee In You

Nature is ever not invigorating. It refreshes our soul, it clears the palette of our being, and it renews our energy with such potency. Forests are indeed where all this gets culminated to their true capacity. Read about all the

best food in the world

7 Asian Cities To Eat In Before You Die

To really experience a city, one needs to live like the natives, which also includes changes in eating habits. The best way to do that is to eat the authentic food of the city, and where to best find it