10 World Cities That Are A Treat To Every Party Animal

Some people love to party and the world has exotic offerings for those. By this, we don’t mean a place where you can go out for a few pints and a couple of shots and come back. What we mean are cities where going out in itself is an event. The excitement of entering a rooftop bar, or a beach party or a happening club filled with exotic outfits and lavish people.

Plunge into a world of gaieties as we present some of the hippiest, quaintest and distinct places from across the world.

1. Goa, India

The Goa nightlife is notorious for trance parties and all night raves. And besides offering party animals zinging and dazzling nightclubs, the party town has another treat for them- super cheap alcohol.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

While the world snoozes, Buenos Aires’ zombies head out to paint the town red. Parties here know no end and extend way up till the break of dawn as party animals make merry with tango cabaret performances and live orchestras.

3. Ibiza, Spain

The ‘Clubbing Capital of the World’ definitely deserves a mention in this list. The land of sunshine treats all the party goers with top notch clubs, hippie markets and jazz music.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is mostly known its canals, red light districts and certain substance that your mom warned you about. But look beyond and there is another magical world of night life worth reveling in. The city’s nightlife boasts of an eclectic mixture of clubs that serves as the perfect destination to get lost in music and emerge refreshed.

5. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The sprightly and seductive party capital of Brazil boasts of a varied nightlife; from theatres and live acts to clubs and restaurants. Partying is an art form here where you cannot miss the groovy rhythms of samba.

6. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok and parties are synonymous. As the sun goes down, the bustling city opens its eyes and transforms into an electrifying atmosphere. Luxurious bars, street foods, chaotic streets and some of the finest after-hours spots lure hearts of all party goers.

7. Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a little slice of heaven with an awesome party life. While the days of this party town is all about sand beaches, it changes completely at night and becomes what it is best known for- an outrageous nightlife-loving city.

8. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is the new city that never sleeps with a clubbing mentality that rivals any of the legendary European or American cities. Diversity is the name of the game when it comes to partying in this bustling city.

9. Las Vegas, United States

How can we forget the Sin City when party is the topic? Carousing never ends in this lively city, and you have casinos and shows that run around the clock. Clubs keep buzzing throughout while you are given an array of cocktails and food to devour.

10. Barcelona, Spain

From hippie scenes to glamorous shenanigans and parties that go on till sunrise, Barcelona packs a helluva party punch. The clubs with theme nights, fancy cocktails and dancing times further spice up the whole city.


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