Decoding The 100-Year-Old Colourful Rendition Of Rajasthan: Pushkar Mela

Within the heart of sprawling festivity lies the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The dazzling golden sand of Rajasthan and the enchanting aura of faith is here to unfurl one of the world’s largest animal fairs- the 100 year old Pushkar Mela.

The entire city of Pushkar gets transformed into a potpourri of joy and laughter as people from all across the world attend the annual Pushkar Mela. This year, the week long festival is taking place from 4th November 2019 to 9th November, 2019. Pushkar Mela is renowned for being one of the world’s largest cattle fairs, right from thousands of camels to hundreds of horses, this annual carnival has all of it. Other than the colourful display of camels and livestock which is the major highlight, the fair comes packed with hundreds of events to please every soul. You can bring home delightful Rajasthani handicrafts, you can go for a camel safari or a horse safari, you can go for a marathon and guess what!, you can also enjoy hot air ballooning for a splendid top view of the fair!

The fair is filled with religious gatherings. Thousands of pilgrims come together at the Pushkar Lake for a holy bath to wash away their sins on the day of Purnima. The fun filled fiesta is one in a lifetime experience, so pack your bags if you don’t want to miss Rajasthan in it’s purest form.


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