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Shimla and Manali Aren’t The Only Places To Find Snow This Winter!

The winter is yet to come and so is the holiday season. Winters are incomplete without snow, hills and a peaceful vacay. And we are fortunate to witness Himachal Pradesh’s majestic charm growing manifold in the winter season when most of its parts enjoy heavy snowfall. Shimla and Manali are in the past; there are many other astonishing destinations in Himachal Pradesh that are undiscovered and unheard-of by tourists. These places are ideal for people who crave to enjoy the serenity of a place and love being amidst nature away from all hassles of the world.

1. Jalori Pass

Best time to witness snow: December to February

Jalori Pass is high up in the mountains at an elevation of 10,800 ft above the sea level and is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. Considered a natural paradise for seasonal blossoms, one can enjoy bountiful flora & fauna amidst the pristine solitude. Crossing a dense forest to get to Jalori Pass is in itself a thrilling experience. With the help of a few locals, one can also go for a snow trek to witness the frozen Serloskar Lake.

2. Khajjiar

Best time to witness snow: January to February

Calling Khajjiar the ‘Switzerland of India’ itself speaks of its aura and landscape. With the beauty of its old edifices accentuated in its weather, the cold breeze brushing against your face becomes even more exhilarating. One can keep warm in this extreme cold by enjoying various adventure sports like paragliding, horse riding and trekking. Trekkers enjoy the breathtaking sight of apple and pears plantation while trekking down the valley.

3. Kufri

Best time to witness snow: November to January

Known as the winter sport capital of Shimla, Kufri’s chilly days witness the average minimum touching below sub-zero levels. Nestled at an altitude that reaches 2622 meters, the beautiful hill station is a skier’s paradise. Snow changes the beautiful landscape to a playground of sports. The forests of pine and cedar and the lush environs remain charming throughout the year.

4. Fagu

Best time to witness snow: January

A tiny village in secluded snowy retreats, Fagu is situated in the beginning of the Hindustan Tibet Road that goes upto Tibet border in Kinnaur region. With rare range of views including vivid dales and snow clad mountains, the picturesque countryside is dotted with clusters of villages, fruit gardens and terrace fields. The small cliffs and green valley covered with conifers of Himalayan cedar and spruce make Fagu a perfect destination for photography.

5. Prashar Lake

Best time to witness snow: December to March

A frozen lake surrounded on all sides by snow makes Prashar Lake the pathway to snow camping. Located in the vicinity of river Beas, the lake in Mandi district is a coveted jewel of Himachal Pradesh. Trekkers can enjoy the local culture as they climb up the charming trail through a forest and several rivulets. Gazing at the snow-clad peaks of the Himalayan mountain range while sipping tea next to the frozen lake is every camper’s delight!


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