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These Multi-Country Trips Should Be On Your 2019 Travel Bucketlist

Picking one country to visit is quite a challenge, so why not cross a few borders? The proximity between many countries makes it easy to travel to multiple countries in one trip, even if it’s a relatively short holiday. Here we present the world’s best multi-destination combinations that are packed in a glut of different cultures, food and experiences.

Fly through South -Central America – Mexico, Belize & Gautemala

Whizz through South-Central America without missing its best bits in Mexico, Belize and Gautemala. Use efficient air links to cut down on travel time. Drown in the Mayan wonders of Chichén Itzá and Tikal, snorkel amid the colourful coral in Belize and walk around the charming colonial towns such as the lovely Antigua.

Visit the cracking capitals trio- Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

Let the charm of Eastern Europe enchant you and visit the baroque buildings and soaring spires of Vilnius’s (Capital of Lithuania) UNESCO-listed Old Town- the largest in Europe. Then make your way to the Latvian capital Riga to explore its medieval and Art Nouveau architecture and yes, the Soviet-style central market. Wrap up your trip on the shore of the Baltic Sea in the capital city of Tallinn, a charming maze of cobbled street, 14th-century churches and a bustling town hall square. This city is Estonia’s cultural hub.

Roam in Africa’s Wild West- Ghana, Togo & Benin

If you love history, these three little-known nations are a must add to your travel wish list. Sleep out at Lake Volta and visit the slave trade ruin of Fort Prinzenstien in Ghana. You’ll feel like you have been transported back to the Apartheid times. Every country has unique experiences in store for you. Hike in the Mont Klouto region in Toga and peer into Togoville’s world-famous Vodun culture. At last, head off to Benin- a country steeped in a rich and complex history that is very much evident even today.

A mini Arctic odyssey- Sweden, Finland & Norway

Oh, these countries are winter wonderlands. Spend a night at Sweden’s Icehotel before racing through Finnish Lapland in a husky sled to watch the northern lights. Get set your trendy avatar in the ‘Paris of the North’- Tromsø. Communicate with the Sami people and learn their ways. Rev a snowmobile through the Norwegian wilds and you never know you might just meet a reindeer. Wrap up your trip with one final hunt for the aurora (if you didn’t see one the first time).

Pedal through the Alps- Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Europe is a dream vacation for each one of us. If you’re visiting the continent, making memories in just one country isn’t a very good idea. Germany. Switzerland and Austria may share a language but their appeals are varied. From the Gothic spires of Heidelberg to the artistic elegance of Vienna- you’ll experience delightfully distinct style and substance in each country. Swiss mountains and the Bavarian forest, German beer and Austrian wine- the trio has something for everyone on tour.


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