7 Places In The World To Visit If You Love Flowers

And two of them are in India!

Fields of flowers are almost too pretty to write about because how can you do justice to the fragrance, the colours, the textures are inexplicably unique. However writing about them does get you the elusive taste of the wonderment around the world and why your life needs to be replete with blossoming experiencing! Here are some landscapes riddled with blooms that are worth saving up for, trekking up to, and ultimately feeling alive at!

1. Tulip Field, India

Amir Khusro had very famously said, Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast. If you dared believe this to be an exaggeration go to Srinagar to see the tulips bloom. It is singularly one of the most surreal displays of beauty, and set in Kashmir that is saying something.

2. Shikisai Hill, Japan

Japan tends to be the best when it concerns mostly everything. They want to be the fastest, the cutest, the coolest. Also apparently the best in flowers. Aside from the Cherry Blossom, this nature’s spectacle is worth going to Japan for.

3. Sunflower Valley, Bulgaria

Not only a photo-op, this field will bring out a soft prairie side to even the most cynical of the lot. Who doesn’t want to feel the warmth of a day’s sun while frolicking in a field full of sunflowers?

4. Valley of Flowers, India

Overlooking expansive mountains and lush flora, this place somewhere between Uttarakhand and Kashmir is like a mixture of a bohemian abandon and a beautiful colour-burst. This place is truly indicative of how rustic nature and beautiful facades can co-exist!

5. Bluebonnets Field, America

Possibly one of the most well known field of flowers in the world, this is home to a rare species that from afar resembles blue coloured twinkling lights. The unending expanse is as beautiful as it gets, and you should definitely experience it once!

6. Tulips Field, Holland

What to even say about tulips and Netherlands that hasn’t been said already?! There is literally no other place in the world that mirrors the kaleidoscope of tulips as visible here. From being shown in countless pop-culture artefacts to evoking the strongest sense of a Keats poem this is a nature’s marvel!

6. Lupin Valley, New Zealand

Just, look at this gorgeous destination which makes you feel if you are even deserved of such beauty! In a cascading ombre hue, the Lake Tekapo region is unbridled beauty!

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