These Are The 6 Most Expensive Restaurants Around The World

Whenever there’s a special occasion, all of us like a blowout meal. However, there are places that are way above the price range of our average dinner. From an underwater restaurant in the Maldives to a multi-sensory experience in China, here are the six most expensive restaurants of the world. In case you’re a foodie with a very deep pocket, you must live the dining experiences at these restaurants at least once in your lifetime.

1. SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain — $1700 per person (₹1,22,157)

luxury restaurants in the world

While we’re all living in 2019, Chef Paco Roncero’s SubliMotion is comfortably ensconced in 3019 or even 4019 as it firmly sits atop the throne of priciest meal in existence. The 12-seater restaurant is essentially a blank canvas that changes its settings with each course – the scene shifts from the bottom of the ocean to a lush garden to a futuristic club to a carnival to high-tech fictional worlds accompanied by original music, VR and stagecraft. Further the experience of eating here is enhanced with a little twist like receiving an edible ticket to enter this modern restaurant.

2. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan- $724 per person (₹52,024)

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Kaiseki is the Japanese version of a multi-course tasting menu, and very few restaurants do it better than Kitcho. Four different kaiseki are offered at this serene and elegant eatery, each increasing in price and lavishness. Styled as a traditional tea ceremony house, the restaurant’s Chef Kunio Tokuoka believes every dish that is served to his customers is a work of art and represents the sights and smells of Japanese culture.

3. Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China- $800 per person (₹57,486)

Expensive Restaurants Around The World

One of the first luxury restaurants to attempt creating a multi-sensory experience for its patrons, Ultraviolet is one of China’s most outrageous restaurants, and also one of the most expensive dining experiences in the Eastern Hemisphere. Its 10 nightly guests are driven to a secret location, where they sit around a table in a minimalist dining room and enjoy a 20-course avant-garde meal by Chef Paul Pairet. As diners enter the room, lights turn on to make the room come alive, transporting guests between simulations of a rainy day in Britain, autumn woods, or the French countryside as they go through their meal.

4. Masa, New York, U.S.A- $809 per person (₹58,132)

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The most expensive and luxurious dining experience in the Big Apple is this omakase restaurant by the very man who pioneered the haute sushi experience, Masa Takayama. No viewable menus exist at Masa in order to give you the authentic omakase experience. And the chefs only cook whatever ingredients are available that day. The décor of the three-Michelin-star restaurant is deliberately simple to ensure the food and essential flavours is the main focus of the experience.

5. Maison Pic Valence- Paris, France – $500 per person (₹35,928)

Maison Pic Valence- Paris, France

Entering now into its 130th year, Maison Pic is currently led by the third-generation of Pic cooks, Anne-Sophie Pic and is the perfect example of why Paris is often considered the home of fine dining. The chef takes an experimental approach to her menus, combining unusual flavors and delivering dishes that are pleasing to the eye. To sample the delights created by this three Michelin star chef, you will be seated in the surroundings of a Mediterranean garden to enjoy your nine-course tasting menu.

6. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives- $435 per person (₹31,258)

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives

Here’s a dining experience that is not only a feast to the stomach, but also for your eyes. Sitting 10 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by sea life and coral, this small and cozy venue accommodates just 14 guests for lunch, dinner, or cocktails. Considered one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world, you won’t have an easy time getting a reservation; but when you finally do, it is considered an experience unlike any other, both for your tummy and your pocket.

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