Your Ultimate Holiday Planner For 2019: Where To Go, What To Skip

We are big fans of city-centric holidays; the ones that don’t require arduous hours travelling but hours spent exploring every element of a city. And there is no better to spend your holiday by immersing yourself enough in a culture to come out absolutely wowed!

These are some of the destinations we suggest you pack up your bags and go to!


January is for new beginnings, but it is also for a series of harvest festivals. We definitely suggest visiting Jaipur near Makar Sankranti that falls on the 14th to see the sky shimmer with kits! The long weekend between 11th- 14th is a great time to visit! However if you want to instead traverse beachy shores, there’s no better place than the placid Pattaya!


Feb – March

Even though we have mentioned a host of other destinations, we suggest you save up, pull out resources and just head to Tokyo. Take it from us, if you plan ahead it will not be expensive, and there is no better place you should be at then Sakura spotting in Tokyo! The long weekends of 28th February to 4th March, and subsequently of 21st to 24th March will give you enough time to bask in the glory of the Japanese capital! Of course, if you want to be a local wanderlust bug try out Shillong, which, from what we hear is painfully beautiful this time of the year!


Either go big or go home. Well, somewhat, because to go to Almaty requires some steadfastness. It is relatively unexplored, and rather brisk come April. But grab some hot tea, and begin exploring the majesty that stays within the largest city of Kazakhstan. If you want to still visit beautiful and serene venues but not spend a lot, go to Dharamsala. The Holy City will embrace you. The long weekend, plus a few leaves here and there will grant you a week long break between 13th-21st April!


Ah, heaven on Earth, Kashmir is beauty unbridled and Gulmarg is where the surreal manifests itself into the tangible. There is no better escape in May than to go the beautiful Gulmarg to sip on some Kashmiri Kahwa, sit outside and let the cold wind brush against your face, and ultimately be in a canopy of white marshamallow snow that is truly inexplicable! Of course though if you want to kickstart your summer with something crazy, head to Singapore where you can enjoy everything from food to amusement parks to so many cute things! Make the long weekend from the 9th-12th of May.


Europe in June is a dream. There is no better place if you have the funds, and if you are short on them, there is no better place than Europe to backpack! This is when you cash in on all your leaves and go visit the stunning landscape of  Amsterdam. Plus you can literally bike around the city and sit by lakes all day long!


Monsoon in Goa is wonderfully beautiful, and the rain juxtaposed with the beach is quite a romantic scenario if you ask us. Plus chances are it won’t be as crowded as this is the time people tend on going towards more plains!


Monasteries abundant in August as you can choose the perfect place to spend the fleeting months of summer – whether it is in Cambodia or Leh. Both destinations beget some exploration, and the best done is by visiting local and homegrown elements. The long weekend between 10th and 18th of August can be used for this very purpose!


Whether it is the super-short break from 31st August- 2nd September or the slightly longer one from 7th to 11th September, the waves and the beach is calling you! Go for some underwater adventure in Kavarati, or just to laze off by the gorgeous ocean in Maldives – choice is yours!


This is the one month that can warm you up but also give you the chills, and such are the destinations we feel are perfect for this time. Landour and Galle are as differing from one another as possible, but both hint towards a laidback lifestyle where you can just immerse in your thoughts! The festivities in this month also beget to experience something unique! The long weekends you should be eyeing are from 5th-8th October, and 26th-29th October!


Between the misty Munnar and the pastel Bali, November is a perfect time for a quick getaway that involves minimal exertion and maximum relaxation. We suggest you put to use your break between 9th and 12th November by giving yourself a special treat!


Ah finally, come December and you want to go on a vacation where you can actually take your own sweet time visiting a place that has a lot to offer. We suggest go to the summery towns of New Zealand where you will find ample sun in winters, or explore Mumbai in a way you can’t on a short break!

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