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5 Places In India That You Can Visit For Surfing

India is a country with a coastline of about 8,000 kms that gives way to blue waters and frothy waves that makes it the perfect destination for the surfers, While surfing is not a mainstream sport but it has been

Love Stargazing? Here Are 5 Astro-Villages To Visit In India

Have you ever thought of spending a peaceful time while stargazing? Well, here are 5 offbeat Astro villages that you should visit. BENITAL, UTTRAKHAND Benital in Uttarakhand is one village that is being explored to make it an Astro-village where

5 Winter Getaways For Adventure Lovers In India

If you wish to escape the northern winters in low lying areas and plan to travel to a much colder places, then here are a few locations for the adventurous person in you. Take a look: Auli, Uttarakhand If you’re an

5 Vineyards To Enjoy Wine Tasting in India

‘A glass of wine makes everything look Fine!’ Well, if you’re an ‘Oenophile’ (someone who loves and appreciates wine) and likes to travel, then here are 5 vineyards in India that you should try for wine tasting! Take a look: