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6 Offbeat Places To Visit In Arunachal Pradesh

The true essence and picturesque settings of Arunachal Pradesh can be described as a walk in the clouds. Often called the Land of the Rising Sun, Arunachal Pradesh is situated in the Himalayan ranges towards the north-eastern states of India, making it the paradise for nature lovers and explorers. Arunachal falls in the lap of the Himalayas and has a rich cultural heritage while being surrounded by snow caped mountains, crystal clear lakes, rough trekking routes and the Indo-China border.

Located in the corner of the country, Arunachal was a hidden mystery to the travellers for decades due to its poor communications and travel restrictions. Till today, most of the places in Arunachal are unexplored by people although there are more and more travel enthusiasts who are developing a keen interest in the wildlife, adventure and tranquillity of Arunachal Pradesh.

Here are 6 offbeat places in Arunachal Pradesh which have been left unexplored by tourists:


Dirang is a small town which is usually an overnight resting ground for people travelling from Assam to Tawang. That’s because the journey to Tawang can be quite treacherous due to the poorly maintained and dangerous roads. And besides, resting and taking a night off at the gorgeous and quiet town of Dirang might be the best decision you’ve taken. Also, whenever in Dirang, do not forget to go over to the bridge on the river Kameng and view the majestic valley between the Eastern Himalayas.

Tenga Valley

This small town lies by the Tenga River and perfectly embodies the freshwater streams running by and the alluring view of the mountains of the Himalayas. This place is located away from the city and therefore, allows you to break free from the monotonous life by being completely in awe of its natural goodness. The Tenga valley has a strategic army check post and this quiet town played an important part in the Indo-China War. If you crave serenity, this is the place that will make you happy.


This little town is one of the 10 least populated districts in Arunachal. Reaching Dambuk is an adventure in itself because you have to cross the rugged roads in a jeep ride and when you reach the destination, it will take your breath away. Every hardship is going to be worth it when the place is as surreal and virgin as Dambuk. Although it is scarcely populated, this town is seen to produce the finest oranges in India and is known as the Land of Oranges. Hence, the government initiated the Orange Festival of Adventure & Music to promote tourism in the region.


Anini is a small town with mystic air and unexplored terrain making is the perfect destination to unwind and find your inner peace. The pristine calmness and the beautiful valleys are persistent because this land is virtually untouched and quite secluded. Visiting Anini is a different experience altogether as it is surrounded by a bunch of tribal villages. You can explore them and also experience the purity of different types of Arunachali tribes and their culture.


Dong is a tiny isolated village of Arunachal Pradesh, sandwiched neatly between China and Myanmar. The village is enriched with astonishing scenic and unspoiled beauty and the best way to explore this place is by trekking through every trail you come across. Dong is the easternmost village where the first sunrise of the country can be witnessed. Being located near the river Lohit makes it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts.

Mayodia Pass


The Mayodia Pass is another small village bordering China and is an ideal budget destination. Especially for those who want to experience snowfall. Situated at an altitude of 2,655 meters, it not only receives a considerable amount of snow but will also treat you with clear blue skies. To reach Mayodia pass, one has to go through Anini which turns out to be an adventurous road trip driving through challenging terrain.





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