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7 Travel Tips To Make Your Year-End Vacation Pocket Friendly

You need to be rich to travel is one of the biggest myths out there. Trust me! In reality, you actually never needed a fortune to globe trot. In fact, a limited budget is a challenge which results in funnier travel experiences and tales to tell later. After all, life’s best things are free or at least cheap.

With these simple but life-changing hacks, we’ll show you how to travel more and spend less.

#1 Stay in hostels

Most hostels are just as good as hotels. I understand that you really just want your own personal space at times but trust me, if you want to save money; hostels are your way to go. Additionally, you’ll also end up making a few new friends.

#2 Walk, Walk, Walk

Nothing beats walking when you’re touring. Forget the health benefits, it allows you to fully explore a new place. There’s no better way to get lost in narrow streets, visit the local cafes or talk with locals. Ah did we mention that it’s free?

#3 Travel during off-season

Just travel when no-one else is travelling. Travelling somewhere during off-season is a lot cheaper and it brings in the same fun. In fact, you can immerse yourself better in culture and talk to the locals more as there won’t be many tourists around.

#4 Carry a water bottle

You might find it weird but this is a trick that took me far too long to get on board with. Carrying your own bottle is quite a winning combination as it will save you money and also help the environment. You don’t realize but that small extra expense save you loads in the long run.

#5 Skip the alcohol when you can

For many of us, vacations mean having fun and treating yourself. While that’s all well and good, but if your definition of treating yourself is going out every night and buying crates of beer, you’ll be left with a very scary number on your credit card bill. You can either limit the number of times you go out or buy alcohol at the supermarket rather than at the bar.

#6 Be flexible with your flight dates

This is one of the golden rules if you want to find a cheap flight online. Flexibility on flight dates, hours and even airports will make you save big. Flying on unpopular hours, like early in the morning also offers you friendlier prices.

#7 Look for free days

A simple one yet a powerful tip. Many museums and tourist sights often have free days or discounted days, so make sure you research is ready before you depart.


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