Here’s How You Can Fit All That Extra Vacation Shopping In Your Luggage

We’ve all been through those trips where we just couldn’t resist buying that one extra t-shirt for your neighbour, or bringing home a bizarre indoor-board game, or buying some traditional tribal art. The problem comes when we have to take it all back- sometimes leaving us with no alternatives but to buy an additional bag. Why worry when we can pack more efficiently and fit all the extra shopping in the same space?

1. Heaviest First


Yeah, this seems familiar but hardly any of us practice it. Put the bulky goods into your bag first, leaving room empty for smaller things to put on top. Your bags will also stay balanced and centered thanks to these biggies, which you can neatly spread out at the bottom. Got some heavy sport shoes? Pack the slippers and wear the shoes to the airport instead!

2. Outer Packaging


Whatever shopping you do comes with the outer packaging- which can often be bulky- and unnecessary. Get rid of the bulky boxes and polythene packets of all your souvenirs and shopping. This way you’ll see much more space open up for your existing luggage, and some additional shopping. Hurrah for duty free!

3. Roll ‘em up


This trick is the best for reducing the bulk of your luggage space- by rolling up clothes. Clothes can be neatly rolled into tubes and stacked atop one another for maximum space utility. You’ll be shocked at how much space can open up using this simple technique! Try it out, thank us later.

4. Perishables

It’s always a good idea to stock up on a decent amount of snacking and drinking items for your trip, but once its over- get rid of them. Trust us, you’ll find better stuff to eat back home. Don’t keep carrying them from place to place without reason, only to find that they have grown in on fungus and you have to throw them anyway.

5. Close and Open


Another neat lil’ trick in the book- fit all you can into the suitcase, close it, pull it together with all your might, and then open it again to fit some more stuff. You’ll find a teeny bit of additional space open up in the corners and along the edges. What more would you need to squeeze in the souvenirs and fit in everything? Just hope it doesn’t burst out again.

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