Responsible Tourism: 7 Ways You Can Be A Better Tourist

We travel enthusiasts have done all kinds of travel- whether it’s volunteering, for work, for spiritualism, or even just to relax. Sometimes, we travel for reasons that may be rather random. But, what’s the common denominator here? It’s the fact that you are a ‘tourist’ in a foreign land, just waiting to get out there and explore!

The ‘tourist’ tag, just like any other tag, comes with a responsibility that not many bother to find about out- let alone care to adhere to. While everyone expects to be catered to the local citizens’ best capabilities- one often forgets that being a good tourist is just the human thing to do. Here are some handy tips to make sure that on your next trip, you do your bit and respect the place you are travelling to!

1. Ask Questions

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It’s the best way to learn about the local culture and food! Who needs travel guides and fancy itineraries when you can actually interact with someone who you would have never spoken to. This proves that you, as a tourist, are more involved in the whole vacation process- and want to know what is beyond the obvious.

2. Learn Some Local Terms

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Why be stuck up and talk in your own mother tongue all the time, even at your new destination? Catch hold of a localite and learn the basics of the language. Learn a few basic words in the regional dialect and we promise you won’t regret it and the locals will respect you more, shower you with gratitude, AND give you the VIP treatment.

3. Avoid Plastic

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Tourists have a bad habit of overusing plastic while travelling. But, that doesn’t mean we should be littering everywhere, right? Avoid plastic entirely if possible, use paper or cloth bags instead and do your bit for the environment and landscape of the place you are visiting. Trust us- the local authorities will thank you for it.

4. Respect The Signs

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Signs are there for a reason- and you need to respect them! If it says “Do Not Touch” or “Beware of Height”, keep your inner rebel locked up tight and follow the damn rules. You will end up getting in trouble just because of a silly selfie and it’s just not worth your while- even at the cost of the likes and comments you could have gotten. Which brings us to our next point!

5. Obedient Photographer

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Railings are not meant to be leaned on- even if you get a thrill-inducing selfie from that! Also, the flash from your camera does actual harm to animals’ eyes. If someone does not want to be clicked, respect that and do not force them.

6. Hotel and Toiletries

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Hotels have everything out there for our comfort- towels, toilet paper, napkins, shower caps, and more. But this does not mean we go should go overboard with their usage! Use them judiciously and stop adding  your unnecessary carbon footprint to the universe. The residents of the place you’re visiting will thank you for it!

7. Leave Behind

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The locals and travel industry stalwarts do their best to make your vacation memorable for you- so why don’t you do a little something for them? Leave behind a handwritten thank you note, a small token or even a monetary tip. Smiles and good wishes will go a long way- we guarantee!

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