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Planning Your Winter Break? These 8 Countries Have A Visa On Arrival For Indians!

It’s that time of the year again when you’re planning about packing your bags and head off to some far off land. All you want is to break away from the monotony that comes with work and just relax and have the time of your life. However, travelling overseas is not limited to just packing your bags or choosing an exotic location. It’s a long drawn affair and the most important is procuring of visas to enter the country you plan to visit. And now that’s an entire dreaded process of interviews and documentation with the downright fatal chance of your visa being rejected.

If you want to combat this dreaded situation, how about travelling to countries that have Visa on Arrival for Indians? We have rounded up a few countries that provide Indians with a Visa on Arrival, either for a minimal amount or free or over the internet for that matter. Didn’t life just get better?

El Salvador

In spite of the constant news of conflict, most of El Salvador remains a peaceful Central American nation. Right from its national parks, coffee plantations alongside volcanoes to lively towns with an intriguing history, the country has a wonderful array of natural and cultural sights. A VOA can be obtained by Indians for 90 days by purchasing a $10 tourist card. You can make the most of your visit to El Salvador as the 3 months permit also covers the countries of Guatemala and Honduras.


The island of many islands, Maldives is essentially about 80 islands developed for tourists to guarantee them a real good time. This paradise allows you to enjoy the beauty of the waters during the day and delight yourself to the sight of planktons at night. The island country offers Indians with Visas on Arrival for up to a month. They only thing Maldivian authority asks for is either your return air ticket or necessary visas for an onward journey.


Seychelles in Africa is rightly called a beautiful poem written on a piece of paper. With its pristine rainforests and the hidden beaches, this archipelago of 115 islands is in itself a gift to mankind. This African country offers Indian tourists free Visas on Arrival for a period of 3 months if you have adequate funds and of course a return ticket. The best part is that you can also extend your stay up to 12 months from the date of visa issue only if you pay 26000 INR approx.


Want to float on the Dead Sea? Jordan will let you do that. Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this middles eastern country will enthrall you with the Lost City of Petra. Jordan’s delight doesn’t end there. Remember Mount Nebo? Yes! The place where Moses was given a view of the Promised Land is also right here. As if you needed another reason to visit Jordan – the country is giving VOA to Indian tourists for 2 weeks by paying a fee of 4000 INR approx. All you need is an adequate bank balance and an onward or return flight ticket.


The rugged topography and indomitable wildlife of Kenya is not for the faint-hearted but still is one of the most sought after destinations. This African nation lets you conquer your fears and tread into the unknown, only to discover a side of yourself that you never knew existed. While Nairobi and Mombasa is added to every Kenya itinerary, it is Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve that brings in the actual fun. Kenyan authorities offer eVisa service to Indian tourists.


Want to escape to a secluded paradise? Fiji Islands is the ideal destination that deserves to be explored. The pristine beaches, the exotic marine life with scrumptious cuisine and super friendly locals lie on the South Pacific next to the Ring of Fire. Visa is granted for up to 4 months without any charges to Indian tourists who aim to increase tourism prospects. All you need are sufficient funds and a return ticket.


Another visa free destination, Macau is the Vegas of China and the place is all about glitz, glamour and good life of course. The place is nothing less than a luscious cake with colonial architecture as the cherry on the top. Enticing visitors since time immemorial, you will surely have the time of your life at the Casino at Venetian Macao. Ensure you see the brilliant House of Dancing Water in the City of Dreams and take a stroll around the historic center of Macau and the Ruins of Saint Paul. All you need to witness these is a valid passport with a few blank pages and foreign currency of course to sustain the 30 days that you get.


One of the few European countries to offer an eVisa facility to Indian Nationals, Georgia is all about churches, mountain landscapes and vineyards. This lesser known gem of Eastern Europe is replete with art and architectural delights. With its beautiful hamlets and mesmerizing museums, modern facilities and low crime rate, the country is rapidly morphing into a happening travel destination. Georgia also lets you get in touch with your spiritual side at the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi. If that’s not your cup of tea, hike to your heart’s content at Vardzia.


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