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7 Tips To Remember When Travelling To North-East India

The North-Eastern parts of India have taken an interesting spot in the most visited destinations for offbeat vacations lately. Although a lot of the northeast has remain unexplored for decades, travel enthusiasts and globetrotters seem to be engrossed in the history and beauty of the land. The entirety of the Northeast is very different from the rest of India because of the people’s unfamiliar lifestyle. Since the region is so diverse, the uniqueness in their food, language and culture makes it more intriguing.

So, here are 7 tips that you should remember if you are planning a vacation to the North-Eastern states of India.

#1 Respect and Interact with the Locals

Respecting the locals and their culture is every traveller’s obligation to follow since you cannot offend or disregard any person in their own land. The locals can be shy and timid but there is no reason to be intimidated by them. They are rather friendly and are very humble to the tourists. They are usually very proud of their culture and hence, they make sure that you get a firsthand experience of everything that their lifestyle has to offer.

#2 Acknowledge the Inner line Permit

There are three states in the northeast, i.e. Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Mizoram; where entry is restricted and citizens need an Inner Line Permit to visit them. ILP is not as complicated as it sounds; it is simply to register your existence in the new destination and to locate you in case of an emergency. But, as far as states like Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya and parts of Sikkim are concerned; they do not need any special permits.

#3 Explore More

Wherever in the Northeast that you are, just remember that there is so much to witness and explore that your days will just pass in a blink of an eye. Right after knowing all the important facts about the place, save time to step out and wander around in the beautiful landscapes and hidden trails and explore more than you are being offered. These trails will take you to places that will treat you with that extra sense of peace and tranquillity.

#4 Be Aware of the Constant Weather Change

The Northeast is known for its endless rainfall and unexpected weather change. Hence, before planning a trip there, it is always advisable to have prior knowledge about the weather in case of road blocks, landslides or unforeseen rainfall. Most importantly, you always need to be prepared for the rain at any given point. It’s wise to carry a warm jacket in the summer as well because the frequent rainfall brings in the cold.

#5 Do Your Research Before You Visit 

If you’re travelling to the Northeast, then you should have at least some prior knowledge of the place you’re about to visit to avoid any faux pas. For instance, if you are travelling to a particularly intriguing place, then you should at least know about the history and facts of the place to begin with. You wouldn’t want to offend the locals by not having any idea about even the basics.

#6 Be Safe And Carry A Travel Guide

It won’t be surprising if a newbie in this place gets lost or falls in a dangerous situation in the hidden trails and quiet isolated places. You have to be prepared for any kind of adversity, and in doing that you have to be careful and carry a travel guide to find your way back.

#7 Learn the Local Language

The Northeast is a largely secluded region consisting of a diverse number of tribes, traditions, culture and a plethora of languages. Being so secluded makes the locals quite inflexible to other languages. More importantly, a large number of locals do not understand any other language other than their own. Hence, knowing a thing or two about their language will help you out a ton. You’ll, at the very least, be able to ask for directions and such.