#GTTravels: Visit The Unexplored Trio Of Kalga, Pulga And Tulga

If you want to take a break from the chaos, run away from the hustle bustle of your city life and also seek a taste of the unconventional, rejoice fellow travellers because we have the ideal destination for you. Where we are taking you today is an epitome of natural beauty, an Indian state synonymous with majestic mountains, sparkling rivers, richly green meadows and dense jungles. Does that ring a bell in your mind? A sound that echoes all things snowy! Yes, we’re talking about the splendidly beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh.

And if Himachal Pradesh is the cake, the quaint villages of Kalga-Pulga-Tulga are the cherries on the top. Situated only a half-an-hour trek away from each other, these villages are your escape into nature – undisturbed. Awaken your mind, body and soul as you trek through a journey like never before- a slender path shaded by tall trees and hovered with dark clouds, and leading towards what feels like some mysterious land.

The moment you set your foot in any one of these amazing villages, the lofty mountains, forests, pines and wooden houses create a magical ambience for you. Untouched by modern facilities, it’s indeed a perfect setting to spend some cosy time trying to reconnect with oneself in solitude. However, everything comes with a cost. And when in Kalga-Pulga-Tulga, giving up on luxurious living is the price you pay for the bewildering charm of landscape to take your breath away.

Put up in a local house because it’s a feeling like no other- wooden stairs, open landings and small windows add a quality of timelessness that accompanies the slow pace of daily existence here. Not only this, the luxury of attached washrooms too demands to be left behind in the chaos of the cities. Not that you have to stop taking nature’s calls, but you’ll have to walk down a little, amidst snowy patches to attend it. Maggi, boiled eggs and some dal chawal are the only things you can choose from but wait till you have it- your taste buds will soar in pure ecstasy as you let your wandering soul drown in the enrapturing beauty of mountains.

But isn’t it the simple things that bring much joy? The trio villages make you feel this in its true sense- a wish for mint tea translates into plucking fresh leaves from the kitchen garden and enjoying a chat with the locals as the water comes to a boil; living in the pages of a book as afternoon light filters through tree leaves and bounces off yellowing pages; walking up in the wilderness, identifying rose finches and blue rock thrushes. Kalga-Pulga-Tulga inspires you to wake up early to wander outdoors with a bird book and dig out old paintbrushes, pitch a tripod to capture sunsets all evening.

Even though the villages surpass all their limits of gorgeousness in winters, they exude unmatched magical charms in summers too. Pleasant weathers, wild flower-strewn pastures, striking apple orchards and abundance of bird-life lures all wandering hearts and help them escape the unbearable soaring temperatures of the plains during the peak summer months.


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