Int’l Trips You Can Go On Instead Of Buying The Apple VR Headset

Apple’s new VR headsets are great, no doubt about that but it’s priced at $3,500 which is approximately 2 lakhs 88 thousand. It’s a huge amount and we think there’s so much more one can do with that kind of money…like you could plan an international trip with your friends and family! It’s possible! Here are some countries you can visit.


You can easily go to Bali for 3-4 days and have the time of your life. Wouldn’t going to a new country be more exciting than buying a VR headset that you’ll lose interest in after a few days?!


This place can easily be called Bollywood celebrities’ second home and we aren’t even kidding about it. Spend sometime alongside blue, crsytal clear waters and just be your lazy self. A relaxing holiday is what you can expect here.


Visit this intersting country if you wish to spend time with the locals and to know everything about their culture and tradition. You won’t be disappointed! Visit new places for new experiences, gadgets toh baad mein bhi khareed sakte ho!


New York, London and Budapest are all commercial tourist places but, if you are looking for a travel destination that still remains largely unexplored by tourists, Vietnam is the place to be. Over the years, Vietnam is gaining popularity amongst travellers and the beauty of this country is one of the major reasons behind it.

Sri Lanka

Just because Sri Lanka is close to India doesn’t mean you should ignore this beautiful country. This island nation has alot to offer and is unique in its own ways. Give this place a chance to mesmerize you! Isn’t this a better deal than buying a VR headset?


This is yet another gorgeous country that’s worth visiting. From exploring the beaches to going to nature and wildlife tours, there’s a plethora of options you can choose from if you want to add activities to your travel agenda.