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This Cable Car Will Take You From Mumbai To Elephanta Caves In 15 Minutes

Mumbai – The city of dreams! But is this vibrant city popular across the world only for Bollywood and its stock exchange? Definitely not.  Its rich history and culture also contribute towards helping the city make a prominent mark on the world map. And among them, the rock cut Elephanta caves that perfectly express the archaic aesthetic of Indian art, associated with the cult of Lord Shiva, significantly stand out.

And, if you are a Mumbaikar or have been to the city even once, you’ll know that there is only one option to reach this historical wonder. And that is to take a ferry ride from the Gateway of India to the caves, which takes almost an hour. While the ferry ride on the Arabian Sea is a great experience in itself, isn’t it always better to have another option? Something which will save us a monumental amount of time? You’ll be delighted to know that’s exactly what’s happening now.

The Central Government has sanctioned a project to build an 8-km long ropeway over the Arabian Sea that will connect the City of Dreams and the abode of Lord Shiva. And guess how much time will it take? Only 15 minutes! Yes, you heard that right – you can now reach the Elephanta Caves from Mumbai in just a quarter of an hour. The construction of the country’s first over-the-sea ropeway is expected to start by September 2019 after the Mumbai Port Trust gets all the statutory clearances by August of this year.  And travellers will be able to use the ropeway to reach the iconic caves supposedly by 2022.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981, the Elephanta Caves are an important part of Hindu cave culture and are a unique testimony to a bygone civilization. The sacred statues tell century-old tales of medieval kings and worship of mysticism. And with the caves only 15 minutes away from the bustling city, it’ll be a quick escape for those desiring a moment of quietness as Elephanta provides a charming, serene view of the Arabian Sea as well.


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