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Why Is India Home To 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From the magnificent Taj Mahal to the architectural ruins of Hampi, India boasts of 36 UNESCO World Heritage sites. All the sites hold importance of cultural or natural heritage and promote diversity and identity. The glorious buildings, wilderness and historic

No More Elephant Rides At Cambodia’s Famous Angkor Wat

In June 2019, Apsara, the management authority for the Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia had announced that it would ban elephant rides starting 2020 following pressure from animal rights activists. Two of the 14 elephants in Angkor Wat

The World’s First Vagina Museum Opens In London

Though half of the world’s population has a vagina, there’s likely a lot you don’t know everything about this important piece of machinery. But now you can enlighten yourself with vaginal knowledge as London comes up with the world’s first