5 Essentials To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are those colourful sprinkles across the drudgery of our lives which we cherish so very much. All you have to literally do is load up some fuel in our car, or book bus tickets, pack minimal, and off you go. But one thing that is always a red flag is exactly what to include in that nifty suitcase of yours for just two days. And we are to help you with just that.

Here are five items that is basically all you need for a quick and fashionable vacation.

1. Jeans

Of course jeans is the first on this list. Jeans are the most timeless piece of clothing that is also quite fashionable and comfortable. Plus if you take one pair of jeans all you have to do is pile up a few tanks and a shirt to take you from casual to date-night in just one quick change!

2. Flat Shoes 

Whether these are ballet flats or keds or espadrilles- make sure you carry your most comfortable pair of shoes. Thanks to designer sneakers wearing those lace up shoes is quite fashionable so don’t hesitate in taking them even if you are wearing a dress, because they will be versatile and you will not need to pile your luggage with other pairs of footwear.

3. Dress 

This can be your fancy piece in the little luggage that you are carrying. Believe us on this that carrying a nice dress will prove beneficial in being that stunning change to your weekend getaway wardrobe. Regardless of your destination you will definitely go to that one well-known spot, and this dress will come in super handy for that very moment.

4. Swimsuit 

Most weekend getaways morph into staycations that happen in cottages or resorts, and summer resorts are replete with ample opportunity to swim and just bask in the sun by the pool. For that it is very important that you carry a swimsuit. Do note that that this is not a beach and you carrying multiple bikinis could be counter-productive so take your most trusted and nicest swimsuit for this trip.

5. Backpack 

No point carrying a small bag, and then a medium bag and then a suitcase for this trip. Instead take a small suitcase and a backpack that can have everything important from your electronics to your wallet to a spare tshirt. Plus the backpacks have gotten so cute now, why wouldn’t you want to sport one rather than the clichéd cross body?

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