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7 Office Blues That Are Too Real Post Vacation

We can never have sublime, unbridled, fully satisfactory vacation ever, can we? The albatross of post-vacation blues hangs ever so swiftly atop us. It is difficult to truly enjoy time off when you know your happiness will come crashing down the moment you get back to work, and all that you will be left with would be fleeting memories. And we narrow it down swiftly to those seven moments when you really missed your vacation, as you typed away aimlessly on your office computer on your office seat!

1. All You Want To Do Is Nap

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2. Or You Want To Obsess Over All The Pictures You Took

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3. You Find Everything Mundane

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4. Everything Seems To Bug You

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5. You Wonder If The Break Was Too Short

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6. The Only Communication You Are Having Is About The Vacay

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7. You Keep Checking The Time So You Can Run Home

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