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7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Guy Who Loves To Travel

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of fishes in the sea. But believe me girls, if you haven’t dated a guy who loves travelling yet, you’re missing out on a very good piece of fish. Indeed a VERY good piece of fish, might I add. 

Now I know that you will not be convinced so easily, so here are 7 reasons why you should date a traveller at least once in your life.

#1 Life will be an adventure

Dating a bona fide travel junkie means embracing adventure and freedom. Like any enthusiastic traveller, he says ‘yes’ to almost everything and pretty much goes with any idea you’ve come up with (we promise only in terms of travelling). He’ll take you to new places and will revel in seeing the amusement in your eyes when you wander and discover new places. A relationship of this kind is not defied by routines, but rather by experiences.

#2 He’s smart and intelligent

‘You can’t have a narrow mind and a thick passport’ – whether you believe it or not, travellers are intelligent beings. They are always up to gathering knowledge and soaking information either by reading or by exposing themselves to a new place’s ideas and culture. You can also not ignore the fact that they’re smart enough to have figured out how to afford their trip and how to prioritize their passions and dreams. When you date a traveller, you’ll have a partner who is both book and street-smart.

#3 He is adaptable

Travelling isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. So isn’t life! When you date a guy who loves travelling, you’re also with a partner who knows how to handle challenges in life. From missed flights to wrong turns, travellers are used to adapting to many scenarios outside their comfort zones. So even if life-changing situations do come up, it’s nearly not as big of a drama fest.

#4 He isn’t high maintenance

Voyagers are used to living in the worst conditions and even better, thriving in them. He knows how to survive on packets of Maggi and chocolates for three meals a day. He’s camped out in grubby hostels, lived without an air conditioner for weeks at a time and even had to go without a shower after a muddy week in the mountains. When your guy is used to these standards, it really doesn’t matter how bad of a cook you’re or how sloppy your cleaning skills are.

#5 He is not picky

Great travel connoisseurs are not picky, in any way. They are not in search of luxury, but just new and worthwhile experiences. Most travel loving guys have slept in some dubious and not-so-cozy places and even ate a questionable exotic dish here and there. They love such kind of stuff and are not afraid to go rough. In short, you can just be yourself in front of this guy and not stress about impressing him.

#6 He is good in communication

Travellers always enjoy having a good conversation. All thanks to their curious minds. They’re also great listeners who’re always enthusiastic to collect information. If your guy is a traveller, he’ll want to talk to you and seek to understand you better. You can keep chatting for hours without getting bored of talking and neither listening. Courtesy- his travel tales.

#7 He is financially sensible

Contrary to the popular belief, travel junkies have really good financial management skills. Their thorough preparation and budgeting allows them to have a blast in a destination without spending a great deal of money. And this essential skill always comes handy in real-life situations. If you think your finance management sucks, your guy can teach you a thing or two on budgeting.