8 Annoying Passengers That We Encounter in Flights

We’ve all been on a flight at least once in our lives, which we couldn’t wait to get off. Whether it was the drastically reduced temperatures, the overly friendly flight attendants, or the wailing babies- these flights just couldn’t be worse. What makes them further unbearable is the kinds of co-passengers we meet. There are some typical kinds of these passengers that we’ve identified for you- have a look and steer clear of them on the next flight you take!

1. The Struggler


For this traveller- life is a struggle. The Struggler struggles with checking in, getting his handbags into the cabin, settling into his seat, fastening his seatbelt, and so on and so forth. And just wait for him to encounter some turbulence!

2. The Hogger


Hogging is the favourite pastime of this flight passenger. Be it hogging the aisle with his insanely large cabin luggage, hogging the window seat or the window view, or even hogging the armrest space!

3. The Complainer


This passenger will go to no ends to complain about everything and anything that bothers him- loudly and obtusely. So much so that the other passengers till the opposite end of the aisle will realize what the problem was.

4. The Toileteer


This was probably the kid in school who took the maximum loo breaks in the middle of an exam- so many that the teacher would actually be skeptical if he’s cheating. It’s even worse when he’s in the middle seat!

5. The Sleeper


The passenger who doesn’t have to wait for the lights to shut off so he can sleep- he is often the envy of several co-passengers. Only when he starts to snore is when this becomes a real problem.

6. The Flirter

drunk kristen wiig GIF

Because the flight is field ground for incorrigible flirts! The Flirter will go to all extents to hit on the plane crew, his co-passenger, the co-passenger’s sister. Intolerance levels extremely high on this one.

7. The Drinker


The sole purpose of the drinker is to enjoy the free alcohol and onboard beverages. These services are exploited to an advantage by this person! And when he drinks too much is when he becomes… (see point 8!)

8. The Talker


This overly friendly interactive person can talk till days at end- even sometimes to himself! He uses the flight as a place to socialize and get to know new people- much to the agony of his fellow passengers.



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