Trams In Kolkata Undergo This ‘Cool’ Makeover, And It Is Something Special

You no longer have to bear the heat to get the taste of old Calcutta in a tram because the city’s mode of transport since the 19th century has undergone a cool 21st century change. The living heritage of Kolkata gets the much needed makeover after a tram car was refurbished and retrofitted with air-conditioners.

It may be the era of rapid rails, AC cabs and metros, but trams with an average speed of 35 kmph are extremely popular, especially among tourists. However, their popularity in the past couple of years was affected due to lack of air conditioner in this scorching heat. But the introduction of an AC tram car won back all the attention as the single-coach tram has generated thrice the revenue of a usual twin-coach tram since then. So next time you visit Kolkata, you can experience the luxurious combination of old-world charm with modern-day comfort.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this isn’t the country’s first AC tram, although it’s the first to operate commercially on a regular commute. Two AC trams were manufactured back in 2013 which were used exclusively for heritage tours. They had a seating capacity of 24 each and the trams were equipped with television, FM radio and AC.









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