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Attending The Bacardi NH7 Weekender In Meghalaya? Here’s Where You Can Stay!

It is that time of the year again when numerous events take place all across the country, and one of the most happening events is of course the NH7 Weekender 2018. The happiest music festival takes place across the country and it’s heading to Shillong, Meghalaya in the beginning of November. Popularly known as the Rock Capital of India, Shillong is a music lover’s paradise and just like how cricket is a religion in India, music is almost like a religion in Shillong. The exciting line-up at Shillong is gearing up to enthral you on 2nd and 3rd of November.

And if you’re heading to Shillong, for a weekend of madness and music, there are some surprisingly delightful accommodations to choose from. These six hotels and campsites with a difference, ranging from tribal to regal, will cater to budgets of all NH7 Weekender enthusiasts.

Kite Manja

The happiest and the oldest festival camping provider in Northeast India, Kite Manja is situated in a beautiful landscape in a secluded property equipped with ponds. Located a kilometer away from the Weekender festival ground, the countryside trek trail to the venue is a breathtaking one with lush green landscapes and thatched huts. It is ideal for all music aficionados with its bonfire gatherings and open sky jamming.

Royal Heritage Tripura Castle

If you would prefer a regal stay amidst the Weekender madness, head to Royal Heritage Tripura Castle. Filled with collections of antiques and artwork, paintings, and photographs of the royal family of Tripura, the castle was used as a summer retreat by the Maharajas of the Manikya dynasty. The underground bomb shelter and tunnel, dating back to WWII, opens out onto the rose garden at its sheer magnificence.

Wild Heart Campers

Wild Heart Campers is for the free spirited people out there who want to experience nature at its best and get away from the maddening crowd. One can escape the usual life and experience complete outdoor camping in the happiest music festival. At a trekking distance of approx. 15 minutes to The Festive Hills, one can walk through the lush green hillocks with streams and fields.

Ri Kynjai

If you are a nature lover, you’ll love Ri Kynjai. Meaning ‘land of serene environs’ in the local Khasi language, the resort is spread over the lush land bordering Umiam Lake. The resort boasts of Khasi thatched huts and provides traditional Khasi massage and herbal treatments. One can enjoy folk music and dance in the evenings sitting by the lake.

NorthEast Guide

If you are a hard core music lover and want to wake up to the sound check of the line-up artists, then NorthEast Guide camps are definitely the best adobe for you. The five minutes’ walk from the campsite to the Weekender venue ensures that you will not miss even a single show. One can also witness music and live performances at the campsite itself.

Aerodene Cottage

This meandering home, built in the 1950s, has been enticingly reestablished and changed into a boutique guesthouse. It consolidates present day comforts adorned in Colonial-style design. What makes Aerodene Cottage a really special place is that it has the perfect cottage garden, with private areas for recreation and relaxation.

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