Why Book A Cab When You Can Book A Helicopter Using This Mobile App!

Good news! Your weekend (or weekday) getaways just got much, much quicker!

Whether it is the weekday or the weekend, we are always bothered by traffic! It doesn’t seem to go anywhere -our time is always spent in waiting to reach the destination. But now apparently, not only are you going to save time but also minimize the traffic commute – by a great deal! How? BLADE Urban Air Mobility has joined hands with Hunch Ventures and kicked off operations in India.

BLADE is one of a kind ‘by – the – seat’ urban air mobility service for India travelers. Not only is it super luxurious, it is also super accessible – because you can actually just hire a helicopter service through a mobile app! So whether you are off to Pune for a weekend with your pals, or have to jet off for some religious down time at Shirdi – BLADE is your best friend!

If this ain’t convincing enough, BLADE’s utmost priority is customer safety and comfort hence it will only fly between sunrise and sunset. Further, the aviation company also has drop services from the helipad to your desired location, be it intra or intercity. BLADE, backed by Airbus and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt among others, operates on an asset-light model, partnering with chopper operators to offer on-demand flights on its app. Think of it as ‘Uber pool’, but in the air. One can either buy individual seats on a flight or charter the full helicopter.

BLADE India has also opened lounges at convenient urban heliports in Mumbai, Pune and Shirdi to help passengers avoid the stress and rush of negotiating large commercial airports.

Designed with the same specifications to its luxury lounges in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, the Mumbai lounge and heliport is being set up at the Mahalaxmi Race Course. The Pune heliport and lounge is located at Mundwa, while the Shirdi lounge will be at Atma Malik Dhyanpeeth in Chaitanyapuri on the Shirdi-Kopargaon road. We mean, we can surely forget our premium lounges at airports after the swanky ones these heliports will have!

With BLADE in India, you too can, just like Shah Rukh Khan, reach anywhere in a chopper and surprise your loved ones!

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