Why Is India Home To 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

From the magnificent Taj Mahal to the architectural ruins of Hampi, India boasts of 36 UNESCO World Heritage sites. All the sites hold importance of cultural or natural heritage and promote diversity and identity. The glorious buildings, wilderness and historic ruins bring prestige to our nation.

And here we tell you why India is flooded with world heritage sites.

Reason #1

India represents a masterpiece of human creative genius like no other country.

Reason #2

Our sites exhibit the unique interchange of human values in terms of architecture, technology, arts and planning.

Reason #3

They bear a unique or an exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is still living or has disappeared.

Reason #4

Our motherland showcases outstanding examples of traditional human settlement, land and water use that represent the nation’s diversity and culture.

Reason #5

Our heritage sites emanate all things desi. They are directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas or with beliefs that are truly Indian.

Reason #6

Lastly, they not only represent major stages of our country’s history, but rather the whole world.






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