After Youtuber Criticizes Airlines, This Crew Member’s Reply Goes Viral

From complaining about how the staff of Singapore airlines was robotic and not engaging enough, to talking about the lack of enough in-flight entertainment options – award winning airline Youtuber Josh Cahill had a lot to say about his recent Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore for which he spent quite the sum amount !

His video, shown below, basically talks about how Cahill did enjoy a lot of aspects of his trip – such as the meals and well-stocked toilets – the entire experience wasn’t befitting the amount he paid. Especially because he noticed that the cabin crew had not established a connection with the passengers, and weren’t engaging or chatting with them.

But that’s not why this entire exercise has become viral, it is because of this reply from an undisclosed local Singaporean cabin crew member!

Images courtesy : Mustsharenews






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