After Brazil, Indian Tourists Can Now Travel To Malaysia Without A Visa

Isn’t the visa process a tad too gruelling? Especially, when you slaved over air tickets, hotel reservations, every other tiny detail while preparing a trip and it all depends on that one stamp on your passport! If you ask us, truth be told, the visa process only makes travelling unnecessarily cumbersome. Now, the good folks from Malaysia have decided that in order to boost tourism and overall good will – from 2020 onwards people will be able to visit the Asian country for up to 15 days by only using electronic travel registration!

However, the entry and exit in Malaysia will be through certain authorized airports or entry points. The tourists will be required to produce financial documents and show their itinerary in the country itself. The tourists will also be able to visit Malaysia, only three months after registration! So this 2020 make a resolution to avail this new travel opportunity for sure!

1 thought on “After Brazil, Indian Tourists Can Now Travel To Malaysia Without A Visa”

  1. vada d.

    We all know how troublesome it is to file for a visitor visa application and that’s one of the reason most travelers tend to avoid visiting countries that does not allow visa-exempt visit.

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