You Can Now Marry A Dutch For A Day For A Unique Travel Experience In Amsterdam

It’s no secret that the world is crazy in love with Amsterdam. Be it the winding canals or the colourful tulips, the outstanding architecture or the pebbled streets, the amazing food or the good high, this capital city is always a step ahead of the world. And now, Amsterdam is in limelight once again, this time for dealing with over-tourism in the most unique way- through weddings.

Tourists visiting Amsterdam can marry a Dutch for a day! Yes, a fake wedding which is part of an initiative called “Marry an Amsterdammer for a day” that is aiming to combat the negative effects of over-tourism in the city. According to reports, Amsterdam currently is at a visiting tourist rate of 19 million which can easily shoot up to 29 million in the coming decade. On the other hand, there are just 1 million people living in the city.

The initiative “Marry an Amsterdammer for a day” includes, as you know by now, a fake wedding ceremony between a tourist and a local, which is complete with decorations, flowers as well as second-hand dresses. After exchanging the mock vows and a hug rather than a kiss, the ‘newlyweds’ leave for their ‘honeymoon’ which is all about exploring the lesser known areas of Amsterdam and maybe taking part in unique activities like picking up plastic from the canals. Further, the initiative will also bring about a meaningful connection between the locals and the visitors.

A group of local entrepreneurs has come up with this quirky way of stirring tourists away from the crowded areas and into areas of the Dutch city that are equally beautiful even if not popular. The initiative is part of the bigger “Untourist Movement”- a platform that perceives tourism in an unconventional way to try and make Amsterdam better and more liveable for both tourists and residents. However, if you’re not too comfortable with a wedding, even if it’s fake, you can also go on dates or eat a city pigeon (cooked we guess). But who would say ‘NO’ to a Dutch man anyway?

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