Travel Trends

This Is The New Adventure Sport Everyone Is Talking About

If your vacation isn’t just about going for sightseeing and having good food, if you are sick and tired of doing the regular touristy-stuff at every destination you go to, then ATV Tourism is the thing for you! Skydiving, bungee

Why Travelling With Family is the Awesome-est Thing!

There was a time and place when the only vacations we took were the ones with our families. Be it joint families, immediate families, or extended near and dear ones- we’ve been there and tried all that! As we now

8 Annoying Passengers That We Encounter in Flights

We’ve all been on a flight at least once in our lives, which we couldn’t wait to get off. Whether it was the drastically reduced temperatures, the overly friendly flight attendants, or the wailing babies- these flights just couldn’t be

5 Essentials To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are those colourful sprinkles across the drudgery of our lives which we cherish so very much. All you have to literally do is load up some fuel in our car, or book bus tickets, pack minimal, and off