All The Times Sonakshi Sinha Gave Us Beach Photo Goals

The Sun, The Sky and The Sea – all these make for great beach photography. Right? We all look out for locations that make our heart sing. And beaches have always been on the top priority list when it comes to vacation album. Whether you like it or not, we live in an insta-obsessed culture, so might as well put your best face forward, no?

So, next time when you hit the beach in search of the perfect shot please do keep the below point in mind! Here’s a look at the Sonakshi Sinha guide to taking the perfect beach picture. 

1. Find The Right Shadow Spot!

The art of capturing light not everyone gets it right. The shadow, also plays a key role in the creation of an image.

2. Sand Art Is The Creative Therapy!


Don’t give up on playing in the sand! Draw bigger and more elaborate creations, just like this one be the mermaid on the beach.

3. Let the BLUE Do The Talking!

The key is to get an interesting picture which tells a story and captures some of the essence of the place.

4. Express Your Love For The Beach


5. The Perfect Pout! 


Every woman takes a selfie with that perfect pout but find an interesting subject in the background.

6. Yoga By the Beach

7. All YOU need is a little Vitamin Sea!

Be Sun kissed: The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.

Well, looking at these pictures by Sona, we just want to say…the beach isn’t a bad place to wait around. Eventually you find that one perfect spot where everything comes together.

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