This Rule Prohibits You From Visiting The Taj Mahal For Long Hours

One could bask endlessly in the glory of the Taj Mahal; after all it’s an art of majesty that sparkles of love and purity. Tourists from all over the world visit this Wonder of the World even before sunrise and admire the beauty without realizing when night has fallen and it’s time to close the gates.

However, there is a new rule to go visit the Taj Mahal now- you can spend time in this historical monument for only three hours.  The tokens allotted for entry will be valid only for three hours and visitors who spend more than three hours will be charged an additional fee. This comes as a disappointing initiative for visitors who could earlier stay at the Taj Mahal from opening time i.e., 30 minutes before sunrise to closing time, which is 30 minutes after sunset.

Further, the government of Uttar Pradesh has also installed turnstile gates at the East and West entry points so as to prevent unauthorized entry. In case any tourist decides to spend more time, the token needs to be recharged. This initiative is taken in an effort to protect and preserve the World Heritage Site as per international standards.



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