No Tourists Allowed: The Faroe Islands Are Closing In 2020 To Protect The Environment

It’s not every day that a tourism board tells the travelling public to stay away from the destination it works to promote. But Faroe Islands-a group of autonomous islands located between Iceland and Norway and under the jurisdiction of Denmark is doing just that as authorities come up with an innovative way to take care of their home and welcome visitors at the same time.

An official notice on the islands’ national tourism website Visit Faroe Islands reads “Closed for Maintenance, Open for Voluntourism”. Following a successful pilot scheme earlier this year, the authorities of the island archipelago has made the decision to “close” its major tourism sights and attractions during the weekend of April 16-17, 2020. Hotels however will be open, and flights will continue to run. That weekend, people all over Faroe Islands will be working on conservation projects and, as the tourism board puts it, “delivering a touch of TLC to the Faroese countryside”.

Tourists, however, who are just dying to visit the Faroes during that weekend can sign on to help with the housekeeping. The islands are looking for 100 volunteers to come to the country to assist with the care taking efforts. There are many people out there seeking this opportunity, so you better apply at the earliest.


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