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These Cities Have Iconic Nicknames, We Tell You Why

We just love nicknames. I mean, they are an inseparable part of our everyday lives. Even if you do not have one, your family and friends end up giving you one. Not only these second names are fun and clever, but also reflect our true qualities and characteristics. And many of the world’s famous cities are no exception. While we know some of these cities’ nicknames really well, there are plenty that are not so familiar.

Here we present 10 awesome cities of the world with their nicknames. How many did you know?

New York: The Big Apple

NYC has many nicknames against its name but ‘The Big Apple’ is probably the most popular. Wondering how did this come about? Well it goes back to the days when horse riding was an all-important sport and apples were given as prizes. As a result, John Fitzgerald from New York Morning Telegraph started a column ‘Around the Big Apple’ which had reports of the races. Another tourism campaign in the 1970s just made the nickname inseparable from New York City.

Rome: The Eternal City

Rome probably has the oldest nickname on this list. The Romans in the ancient times had a line of thought that no matter what happened to the world, or how many empires might rise and fall, Rome would go on forever. And thus came in the nickname ‘The Eternal City’.

Mumbai: The City of Dreams

Mumbai is not only India’s financial hub but also home to Bollywood, one of the world’s most popular movie industries. This makes the city a particularly appealing place to move to as employment opportunities here are endless. And Bollywood movies have contributed in a big way to create an image of the city as a bland of dreams and reality. All these factors earned Mumbai the nickname ‘City of Dreams’.

Paris: City of Love

Paris has distinguished itself as the ‘City of Love’ – maybe because French is considered the ‘language of love’ or because of the romantic walks along the Seine river. The French capital has long attracted those with labors of love, like writers and artists. Love is seen blossoming everywhere in Paris, from its cozy cafes to the Art bridge, to which couples in the early 2000s attached padlocks to show their committed love.

London: The Big Smoke

London got its nickname ‘The Big Smoke’ from the pea-souper fogs which took over the city in the 19th century and in the early half of 20th century. Londoners during that time used coal for heating their homes which produced large amounts of smoke. Combined with the climatic conditions, it led to characteristic smog and London got its nickname.

Surat: The Diamond City

Surat is an economic hub of India. It earned the nickname the ‘Diamond City’ because Surat has the world’s largest diamond cutting and polishing industry. The port city’s virtues don’t end here – it is also known as ‘Textile City’ because of its high quality textile products. With such a booming trade industry, Surat is a melting pot for migrants from across the country seeking career opportunities.

Toronto: Muddy York

Canada’s most populous city- Toronto has earned several nicknames throughout the years, but Muddy York is its oldest. The unflattering nickname dates back to the city’s settlement years; before the streets were paved and rain would turn dirty roads into mud. Though not fit for Toronto anymore, it’s still widely used today.

Geneva: The Peace Capital

Switzerland has always been known for its neutrality and diplomacy. And Geneva is not only home to the European headquarters for the United Nations but also international organizations like the Red Cross were founded here. Geneva conventions – a series of treaties for ameliorating the effects of war on soldiers and civilians was also signed here. It seems apt and proper, then, that Geneva is ‘The Peace Capital’.

Las Vegas: Sin City

Casinos and robust nightlife scenes are literally synonymous with Las Vegas. Millions visit each year to indulge in gambling, drinking and dazzling shows. Las Vegas is also a top wedding destination, be it preplanned weddings or on-the-fly affairs. Hence it comes as no surprise, that this city, where many vices can be indulged is nicknamed ‘Sin City’. Because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Philadelphia: The City of Brotherly Love

William Penn, an English Quaker is behind this adorable nickname of Philadelphia. Penn envisioned the city as a place where anyone of any colour or background could live together in peace and harmony and hence called Philadelphia ‘The City of Brotherly Love’.

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