This Is The New Adventure Sport Everyone Is Talking About

If your vacation isn’t just about going for sightseeing and having good food, if you are sick and tired of doing the regular touristy-stuff at every destination you go to, then ATV Tourism is the thing for you! Skydiving, bungee jumping, and parasailing are all thrilling- but who says you need to be up in the air to get a slice of the adventure that is life? All the adrenaline junkies- gear up for an enthralling new adventure activity with the power and excitement you could never have fathomed. Hill stations will never be just about sunset points and Maggi once you see this!


ATV, or All-Terrain Vehicles, is basically just a modified version of the regular motorbike with flatter, wider tires with a low-pressure model inculcated in their design. This makes them suited to handle a wider variety of terrain than any other bike. And what is better for this purpose than in our very own Himalayas?

The Alternate Terrain is one such off-roading ATV experience near our favourite hill station- Manali. Nestled deep in the Himalayas, the Alternate Terrain claims to be Asia’s highest ATV trail in the Kullu Valley in Himachal Pradesh. With the blues of the River Beas at your side and the greenery of the hills in your every step- what more could a thrill seeker ask for?

The ATV is designed to run on custom-made tracks for people of all ages. There are tracks for beginners, intermediate and advanced of varying distances. As you get used to the perfunctory and pulsating rhythm of the bike, your eyes gorge on the beautiful valley that lies below you. And just wait till you get to the top of the trail- you will feel like the Master of the Universe. The experience itself is exhilarating and leaves you asking for more. We’re warning you already- you can’t just do it once!





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