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Getting No Sleep During Travel? These Tips Will Help You

Wherever you’re travelling to, whenever you’re travelling, there’s a difference between a good trip and a bad one. And that’s determined by the amount of sleep you get. We all have been there and experienced the very very difficult task of falling asleep while travelling. Be it a flight or train or a bus, transportation modes are crowded, noisy places and trying to get some zzzs can be quite a challenge. But a good sleep while travelling is a great way to pass the time with the added bonus of reaching your destination all freshened up, rested and ready for action.

Here we have a list for you to follow and you’re bound to be sleeping like a baby before you can say turbulence.

#1 Seat, seat, seat!

Picking the correct seat is the most important ingredient in the comfortable sleep recipe. Avoid the middle seat (in a flight) or even the aisle seat if you don’t want to wake up every time a fellow traveller needs to use the restroom or chit chat with his family/friends sitting a few rows away. Aim for a seat next to the window. It’ll not only give you a peaceful atmosphere, but you can also draw the binds and use them as a head rest.

#2 Travel light

OK, we understand that you don’t like to wear the same tee twice. The pictures would look really monotonous then. But if you overdo it, do it on the check-in luggage or the boot only. Carry the very basics on board with you and stuff them all in a bag and put it up in the cabinet. It’s important to leave plenty of space for the feet. If you’re in a train, stuff everything below your berth and use your hand bag as a pillow. For the soft feels of a pillow, wrap all the essentials with a pullover or something similar. Just don’t make it too fat.

#3 Keep yourself warm

Don’t let the room temperature fool you before the journey begins. The temperature often drops after a few minutes of travelling, and trying to sleep with goose bumps is not really comfortable. Leave your jacket on as you may not always get blankets. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it later.

#4 Bring your own blanket and pillow/neck rest

Getting your own blanket has its own perks. Firstly no stranger has used it before so you really don’t have to be conscious to not use it above your neck. The added bonus is that familiar textures and smell can actually help you relax and fall asleep more easily. The same goes for your neck rest or pillow. If you’re not seated by the window, you’ll thank us later.

#5 Use earplugs or noise elimination earphones

Isn’t noise just one of the biggest issues? And there’s no other way to avoid it other than employing your earplugs. Take a used pair that you know won’t cause any discomfort. If possible, use sound cancellation earphones as they’ll not only shut out the noise, but also provide you with your favourite music.

#6 Wear a sleep mask

It might be bright outside or it may be just the lights of the flight/train/bus. In any case, using a mask will do the trick for you. Not only it brings in darkness, but it also makes you feel more ‘hidden’. Don’t worry; it’s totally normal to feel right to have your face covered when sleeping. After all it gives some sense of privacy.

#7 If all else fails, meditate

For got your earplugs and the kid sitting next to you is ultra loud? Or are your eyes just not shutting even though you followed all of the above? Do not despair because solutions aren’t over yet. And this time its meditation that’ll help you sleep. It might not sound as drastic as actually falling asleep, but even you know meditation is relaxing and resting none the less. So when everything fails you, sit back, close those eyes and Om (preferably silent).


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