What Is Volunteer Tourism And Why You Should Do It

Do you harbor dreams of travelling the world and possess a charitable bent of mind? Then volunteer tourism is for you. Because there’s nothing like working for a cause of your choice while you travel. You’re living your life’s dream while simultaneously contributing to the society the part you owe. 

Backpackers are increasingly taking to volunteering while travelling and several websites have also dedicated themselves to match these enthusiastic volunteers with the right organizations. You can pick and apply to the organization of your choice from these websites once you have found your preferred field of work. This allows for the seamless matching of volunteers to the causes they believe in.

Another offshoot of volunteer tourism is that most of these organizations take in their hands the responsibility of your food and accommodation. Can there be anything better than zipping from one location to another without caring a bit about food and shelter?! All you have to do is help people on your way and make the most of your time in each place. You get days off as well when you can explore the destination on your own.

And there’s just no chance of you getting bored of volunteer tourism. If you are in child welfare this month, its marine life conservation the next and education in yet another. You can also volunteer in foreign lands, but it comes with its fair share of uncertainty and it is advisable to research well beforehand regarding the prevalent conditions. For some, the aspect of the unknown only adds to the travel plus the volunteering experience. Adaptation and zeal are essential for the best experience.

Give volunteering a thought the next time you pack that backpack of yours. It’ll not only give you an authentic vibe of the destination but will also open its doors to the true and genuine issues that plague the same.





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  1. Sparsh

    Any links for such institutional sites whete one can apply for such programs

  2. Pri

    Names of organisations which were practicing this, would be of help

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