This Is Why Celebrating Holi In Vrindavan Is A Bucket-List Must For Everyone

Hues of bright shades, spoonful of hearty laughter and moments of joy; Holi is probably the world’s most beautiful festival. It’s the bold, colourful image of India that boasts off unity in diversity. The streets become a carnival of colour as social differences hide in masks of blue, pink and yellow. And out of all the vibrant shades the whole nation is painted with, the brush stroke on Vrindavan is the brightest.

Vrindavan, the land of Krishna’s raas-leela lets you experience Holi in its true essence. A plethora of colours, the beat of drums, the crisp white clothes and music in the air- the whole town is soaked in a fervour of celebration which begins a week before the actual festival day. Holi in Vrindavan isn’t just a fun festival but also an experience of a lifetime and if you happen to be there at this time, you feel like you belong there. The energetic spirit of colour is witnessed everywhere as people cherish love, unity, fun and triumph of good over evil together.

This fiesta adorns Vrindavan in a way never seen before with kids strategically standing in corners with pichkaris, women singing bhajans as they walk through the lanes and happy hued faces stopping for a bite at restaurants. But that’s not all. Locals also indulge in unique traditions and keep the age-old saga of Radha and Krishna alive. Whether it’s playing with stick and shields at Lathmar Holi or ditching colours to drench in phoolon ki Holi, it’s a non-stop encouragement to add lots of fun and a bit of silliness to our daily lives. And when celebrations are at peak, people bring in shots of bhang as they watch Holika go up in the flames.

When in Vrindavan, if you listen carefully, Osha has said, you can ‘hear the echoes of the maha-raas leela even today’ and Holi in Vrindavan is a testimony to that. This holy town is definitely magical in merry making.



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