Why Travelling With Family is the Awesome-est Thing!

There was a time and place when the only vacations we took were the ones with our families. Be it joint families, immediate families, or extended near and dear ones- we’ve been there and tried all that! As we now go into adulthood, family vacations are amiss from our calendar schedules. We rarely bond with our fam-bam in person, as social media is the only communication we undertake. Here are some reasons why family vacations should be a regular thing and not just a rare occasion on our monthly planner.

1. Conversations

Move over WhatsApp and bond with your family members in real time! There’s so much to do in vacation time- so why not do it together? These conversations are memories that last a lifetime, and tales that are told on vacations are often retold for generations to come.

2. Photographs

This is the biggest advantage of family vacations- you will never run out of people to click pictures for you! With the amount of extra hands you’d have, getting the perfect Insta-worthy candid would be cakewalk. Feeling like a glam diva yet? Don’t forget to return the favour!

3. Save

Family trips are the healthiest way to save- and we don’t just mean your own pocket money. Travelling together to the same place using a bus, a taxi or even public transport can save additional money too. What’s more- there are usually a lot of deals available for families travelling together. (See point 8!)

4. Spend

Because when there’s family, why worry about the spending? You can literally go overboard with shopping, eating, or just doing random touristy things! We’re not saying spoil yourself silly- but a little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone.

5. Enjoy

With your family by your side, you literally have to take care of no travel arrangements. Nothing. Nil. Zilch. Everything is either planned in advance or the family elders pitch in their bit and organize. Which leaves you plenty of time to just do what is rightfully to be done on vacation- to enjoy?

6. Self-suffice

A large travelling group is always more fun to travel with- also because you don’t need anyone else! Be it a family of four, six, eight, or more- you can do all kinds of activities and recreation sports together without having to run after strangers to join you. And of course, there’s always room for more!

7. Food

Can we take a second to appreciate the amount of food there is on family vacations? Ready-made packages food, home-made fresh food, snacks to carry, fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy mixtures- you name it and we have it! The number of meals that the family takes also increases vastly in number.

8. Discounts

There are a variety of discounts and deals available for family travellers. From getting bulk deals on food, to transport, to sightseeing and other offers- family vacations sure have their advantages which you would hardly get when travelling solo. And that’s how they help you save too (see point 3!)

9. Local Support

The locals also extend a warm welcome and agree to show you around when they see you’re with family. Almost as protective as they are of their own folk- what better way to explore a city than with locals?

Get planning on your family vacation and let us know how much you enjoyed it!

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