12 Hollywood Movies That Inspire Every Woman

Gone are the times when women were seen as only rocking the cradle. Today, there doesn’t exist a domain not dominated by women. And when these women take the center stage in movies, their powerful screen presence and diversified talent create Hollywood’s most reckoning.

Celebrate the ‘Month of Women’ with these Hollywood movies about women who are ambitious careerists, fearless lovers, restless adventurers and much more.

#1 Million Dollar Baby

Boxing is a male sport; especially when you consider the era the movie takes place in. And at the time when girls didn’t have a place in the ring, Hilary Swank is out of her element. Gender inequality is shown so powerfully in Million Dollar Baby that you’ll find yourself wanting Hilary to prove people wrong.

#2 The Devil Wears Prada

This movie looked at fashion as something more than a vain subject. It showed how you must challenge with your personal demons to rise above to be successful. Helmed by Meryl Streep, the character of Miranda Preistly pushed Anne Hathaway’s Andy to realise her potential, even if that meant a lot of heartache on the way.

#3 The Help

A white woman looks past the racial discrimination in her society as she seeks advice from a black domestic help to write a column. The story highlights the importance of education for women and beautifully shows a woman’s ability to feel more strongly than a man.

#4 Frozen

Even though the element of child-like innocence is kept alive in Frozen, the message of the bond between Anna and Elsa and love amongst family is as strong as it gets. This animated movie also spreads the message of loving oneself to overcome all weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

#5 Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8 is an all-female heist film that serves as an empowering ode to smart women and proves again and again that the society should stop ignoring them. After all, a movie doesn’t have eight female leads every day.

#6 Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile espouses the value of courage, dignity and firmness of purpose through an eloped bride and a liberal, Ms. Watson. The movie inspires you to get past the social norms and live life the way that suits you the best.

#7 Lady Bird

A mother-daughter relationship that is complicated and fractured, but despite the flailing efforts the two know each other more than anything else. This coming-of-age movie is edgy, emotional, and empowering!

#8 Hidden Figures

Based on true life, Hidden Figures shows three women fight misogyny as they gear up to send an astronaut to space. The historical drama through the stories of three geniuses tell you how a woman, despite several hurdles can still cross the finish line.

#9 Clueless

A 1990s time capsule of fashion, pop culture and Valley-girl verbiage, this rom-com riff on Jane Austen’s Emma celebrates female friendship and sexuality. It’s an unabashed celebration of being a girly girl. Because you can like high heels and lipstick, and still like boys and be a bad ass b*tch.

#10  Bend it like Beckham

Bend your rules to reach your goal! The global-hit tells the superb tale of a teenage girl who breaks all stereotypes to make her dreams come true. Bend it like Beckham gives women’s football a platform as it inspires growing women to chase their dreams and create their own path in life.

#11 Wild

Wild is an emotional tale of self-discovery that explores grief and addiction. Reese Witherspoon is truly an inspiration in this film as she hikes over 1000 kilometers in order to find out who she truly is.

#12 Erin Brockovich

Remember the time when a single mother blew the whistle on PG&E? That’s exactly what Steven Soderbergh shows us in this legal drama as a single mother single-handedly takes down a major corporation. Her persistence is truly inspiring.