6 Apps That Ensure Every Woman’s Safety And Security

Crime rate in India, especially against women is something we need to be alert with respect to. Unfortunately, being a woman is no easy task as we have to fend for ourselves at every point- at home, outside, online or offline. Ensuring women safety has obviously stolen the spotlight and several measures are taken for the same as well.

Amidst all these, technology too has got our backs, with a host of dedicated apps that seek to improve women’s safety and security. Download one of these right away!

SOS-Stay Safe!


A free Android app that doesn’t need you to type in the phone unlock code. Just keep the app activated and shake it a couple of times, and alert will be triggered along with your geographical location to the emergency contact.

Eyewatch Women


This is a must-downlaod as it not only sends an alert but also captured the audio-video of the surrounding to the preset contacts. Its high location accuracy and the ability to function without GPS make this app every woman’s necessity.

My SafetiPin

If you’re a wandering soul, here’s your go-to app. My SafetiPin will help you take travelling decisions based on the area’s safety score. This good friend instantly sends out alerts the moment you enter an unsafe location.


Raksha is an all-encompassing app safety app for women. Like all other apps it lets you send an alert message instantly, but what stands out is the app’s ability to function even when your phone is switched off. All you have to do is press the volume button for three seconds.




bSafe lets you create your own network of ‘guardians’, thus standing by their motto ‘NEVER WALK ALONE’.  Features like voice alarm activation, live streaming, automatic audio and video recording assists your guardians to track your movement in real time. Even if the phone is not in your hands, you can activate the SOS button with a voice command.



This app is a keeper! Smart24x7 not only sends an alert to all your emergency contacts but also to the police as the app is linked with several states’ security forces. Further you can also avail emergency services like ambulance and fire from this app.