Sabyasachi Mukherjee & The Changing Face Of A Millennial Mangalsutra

When you think of the ‘Mangalsutra’, an image of a black-golden beaded chain comes to form in the mind. Symbolic of love and holy matrimony, this specific piece of jewellery has been an essential for every bride and married women alike. Although it’s practicality and relevance has reduced with time, many still consider it auspicious. So, why not add a bit of fashion to tradition?

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, for the very first time, designed a neo-traditional mangalsutra for Priyanka Chopra for her wedding. Her offbeat piece has a tear-shaped diamond in the centre and has black and gold beads only at the beginning.

And then came Royal Bengal Mangalsutra by Sabyasachi Heritage jewelry, made with brilliant cut diamonds, rose cut diamond, Zambian emeralds and rubies set in 18K gold, a total gamechanger. The millennial consumer is buying jewellery differently, and so traditional methods of making and selling jewellery have to be different as well. Looking forward to a shiner future, don’t be afraid to add gems to your favourite accesory.

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