Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Black Designs Are Easy, Breezy & Totally Summery

It’s the hot, sunny months of summer and you may to your absolute dislike hear a few distasteful snarls, ‘black’s not a summer colour’. Just know, the fashion climate does not care.

Indian maestro Sabyasachi Mukherjee who odes saree as the sole identity of the country’s traditional culture, not so long ago, let out a few designs dipped in the darkness of the hue. ‘Summer Blacks’ the courtier lovingly calls them – a paradox for haters.

Allow us to give you a lesson on simple physics, as it turns out, the best colour to keep cool in the scorching heat is black. The colour absorbs everything coming in from the raging ball of fire, sure. But black also absorbs energy from the body instead of reflecting it back. So, quickly find something black to wear this summer! While new fads keep electrifying the industry as fashion grapples to find a new code, the fiery rise of the colour is never going to see a nuclear fall!

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