Wedding Trends

Shruti Haasan’s ‘Bold’ Wedding Trends For The New Age Bride

If subdued colours, pastel shades and minimalism just isn’t who you are, Aza’s Spring Summer Magazine edition has you covered. Here’s a list of contemporary trends that are rocking the fashion scene with their ‘more is more’ statement. 1) Ruffles

6 Wedding Ideas To Save Big On Your Wedding Day

Why complicate your big day? Why stress yourself dialling the wedding planner just to make sure all in place? Why should you spend so much money, in the first place? Build your own playlist Why spend money on a DJ when

Style x Culture, Potlis Are Your ‘Match’ This Wedding Season

Rich cloth, traditional embroideries, fancy embellishments… potli bags have existed around us since time immemorial. Aesthetically pleasing, absolutely pretty, potli bags come with an added beauty of heritage. Bollywood however seems to have recently developed a love for these mesmerising

7 Ways A Destination Wedding Will Save You Money

A destination wedding is not the plot of a horror story, neither is the climax a hole in your pocket. Disclaimer: All our pointers are based on a true story. An intimate guest list  The best way to save some