10 Gorgeous Gorge-Worthy Wedding Cakes To Choose For Your Wedding

Celebrating and rejoicing the happily ever after, the cake cutting ceremony is the exclamatory moment of every wedding function. With cake art rising as a trend, don’t just settle for a cake that’s too pretty to cut into. Tell a story through your cake on your big day, let your cake be a reflection of who you two are as a couple! Talking about the guests, we bet everyone awaits to taste the dessert of the evening. So here are some absolutely gorgeous wedding cakes, we would absolutely gorge on right now!

1. Girl, if you love shimmer, your cake shimmers!

2. When your wedding is grand and you want everybody to see it, feel it and taste it!

3. Because the only thing as good as a cake are cupcakes!!!

4. Flowers are sacred in Indian tradition and we are willing to make the most of it. What’s better than picking a floral cake on this auspicious occasion?

5. Sit atop the cake with mini versions of you

6. What a black beauty! Our weddings make a statement and so do our choice of cakes. Trust us, everybody is going to eye this rich dark chocolate cake until they have a slice on their plate!

7. Just to make sure you never ever forget your anniversary.

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8.  What screams more wedding-worthy than this one?

9. To end the ceremony on a royal and classy note

10. Or forget a cake at all; just open the bar with a sip from this one…



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